Our financial ministries are based upon a theology of stewardship that enables a shared relationship between God, the owner and creator of all, and those who are called to hold God's resources in trust and manage them responsibly. To this end, the California-Pacific United Methodist Foundation offers the following services:

Professional Investment Management

Choosing the best firm/foundation to manage your church's portfolio can be the most critical decision in determining the success of your investment.

By choosing us, your local church will benefit from a carefully developed investment program that utilizes some of the finest financial minds from across the Conference.

To maintain the highest standards in Professional Management that our clients expect, we focus on the areas listed below to ensure your investment's success.

Endowment Fund Development

The Foundation can assist your church by establishing an endowment fund with step-by-step instructions, training, sample policy formats and promotional information to help with long-term funding of your church ministries. we provide expertise with several types of endowment funds, including...

We also recommend ways to extend your charitable giving beyond your lifetime. Each allows you to provide some financial security during your lifetime.

Stock and Real Estate Transfers

We assist any local church in the sale of stock or real estate which the church has received as a gift.

Workshops and Resources

Foundation staff provides seminars in local churches related to estate planning and planned giving. We also offer local churches a wide variety of printed materials related to endowment and planned gifts.

Personal consultation resources include:

To request printed materials, CLICK HERE.

Have questions? Send us a note HERE or call us at (626) 568-7347. Let us hear from you.

Services and resources for churches

Achieving Your Church's Investment Goals

  • Pooling funds for investment offers high quality investment management
  • Creating a sound investment portfolio while providing a margin of safety and an opportunity for gain
  • Balanced portfolio: growth and value for income and long-term growth
  • Security of a third-party custodian
  • Security of a third-party monitoring service

Protection of Socially Responsible Investments

  • All of our managers use the United Methodist Social Principles as a guide to any investment in our portfolio