Question: Is the Foundation part of the California-Pacific United Methodist Annual Conference?

Answer: Due to its fiduciary responsibilities, the California-Pacific United Methodist Foundation is a separately incorporated non-profit organization governed by its own independent Board of Directors. This includes our own independently audited financial statements and oversight policies.

The Foundation serves the same geographic area covered by the California-Pacific Annual Conference, providing services for local churches, ministries, and Methodist-related organizations in Southern California, Hawaii, Guam and Saipan.

Question: What is an endowment?

Answer: An endowment is created by a donor when the funds are restricted for a particular purpose and are intended to be held in perpetuity. Therefore, the capital placed in the fund (the principal) is not to be spent. Only the earnings from the investment of that principal are available for use.

Under the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA), spending from endowments is based on a total return on investment, using a percentage of the fund balance. Many of our clients choose to spend 5% of the year-end fund balance. UPMIFA includes a provision that spending more than 7% of the average fair market value is presumed to be imprudent.

Question: Do you provide on-site training and consultation?

Answer: Yes! We are available to come to your local church or organization to advise on your particular need. We cover a variety of topics, including stewardship education, building endowments, planned giving options (e.g., wills & bequests, charitable gift annuities), and investment management services. Please contact Rev. Greg Batson to schedule a visit.




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